BNZA on the cover of Monthly Mixtape: March 2023
Artist on Cover: BNZA

Welcome back to my “Monthly Mixtape” for the month of March. In this article, I will be sharing my top 12 songs that were released this month that I loved.

As a little update, Monthly Mixtape blogs will now be posted on the last day of every month. As well, Hallyu Release Radars are no longer going to be posted as I will just include those songs in the monthly mixtape blogs and additional blogs.

In order of release date, let’s get started…


Released on: March 3

PANIC” is the first song on NSB (NORTH STAR BOYS) debut EP PANIC. This song is pop mixed with a little bit of R&B and it’s a very upbeat song that was in my top 10 monthly recap on Spotify. There is also an accompanying music video for this song which is so beautifully shot. Prior to this song, I didn’t know of NSB until I found this song featured in Spotify’s curated playlist “Fresh Finds Pop”. Highly recommend listening to this song and checking out NSB’s other songs too.

Listen to “PANIC” by NSB on Spotify:

Check out NSB Instagram: @northstarboys

"CAR" - Keydom, AidEn, EXPOSITION

Released on: March 3

CAR” is a collaboration song between Keydom, AidEn and the collective EXPOSITION. The song is kind of R&B but mixes elements of different genres that I can’t really pinpoint. All I can say is that I am obsessed with this song and it’s definitely so far one of my favourite songs of 2023. I really like the mix of different voices and sounds and also love the cover art.

Listen to “CAR” by Keydom, AidEn and EXPOSITION on Spotify:

Check out Keydom, AidEn and EXPOSITION on Instagram: @keydxm, @aidenw_s, @exposition.official

"we know it's not, babe" - melatonin boy

Released on: March 3

we know it’s not, babe” is melatonin boy’s first song of 2023 and I personally think it’s his best song so far. I really love the guitar in the song and I think melatonin boy’s vocals are really pretty with this song. The chorus part is also really catchy and the lyrics hit. Additionally, melatonin boy will be performing live at the Drake Underground on April 23 with BNZA, so you should get tickets!!

Listen to “we know it’s not, babe” by melatonin boy on Spotify:

Check out melatonin boy on Instagram: @melatoninboy

"on the street (with J. Cole)" - j-hope, J. Cole

Released on: March 3

on the street” by j-hope is a fun hip-hop collaboration song with J.Cole – who is j-hope’s idol. This song is very special as it is the last song j-hope put out before he enlists in the military for around 18 months. j-hope flew out to New York City for a few days just to film the accompanying music video and it’s beautiful. This song has apparently already made it into my “all time” streams on Spotify. As well, J.Cole’s verse on the song adds such a nice touch and the lyrics really told a story that only J.Cole himself could tell. I am gonna miss j-hope a lot, but this song will keep me going.

Listen to “on the street” by j-hope and J.Cole on Spotify:

Check out j-hope and J. Cole on Instagram: @uarmyhope and @realcoleworld

"Safe Flights" - Nosun

Released on: March 9

Nosun is a Korean artist I discovered this month through his song “Safe Flights”. Nosun is so underrated as he only has around 100 monthly listeners. I literally don’t remember how I found him, but so glad I did. His song “Safe Flights” is a chill, R&B song and I love his voice because it has a slight raspy sound to it. I also just like how the song transitions from English to Korean. I will definitely be supporting Nosun from now on and you should too.

Listen to “Safe Flights” by Nosun on Spotify:

Check out Nosun on Instagram: @thekeyisyi


Released on: March 10

SELFISH” by BNZA is a song that I got to listen to pre-release and I absolutely loved it then and loved it even more when it was officially out. There is also an accompanying music video for this song which was edited by BNZA himself. I actually wrote an article about BNZA’s music video so definitely check it out here and listen to his music! Additionally, BNZA is performing at the Drake Underground on April 23rd with melatonin boy so make sure to get tickets while you can.

Listen to “SELFISH” by BNZA on Spotify:

Check out BNZA on Instagram: 


"Spring Song" - Roydo

Released on: March 13

Roydo is another Korean artist I discovered this month through my discover weekly Spotify playlist. I discovered him through his song “DRIP” which lead me to following him on Spotify and finding “Spring Song” when it released. Rodyo has an R&B style and I really enjoy the music he has put out so far.

Listen to “Spring Song” by Roydo on Spotify:

Check out Roydo on Instagram: @roydoyoun

"Optimist" - JUNNY, Blase

Released on: March 13

Optimist” is JUNNY’s first song of 2023 and it’s a collaboration with Blase. This song is very energetic and has good vibes. There is also an accompanying music video which has such a nostalgic//homemade feel to it. Definitely one of my favourite collaborations so far this year.

Listen to “Optimist” by JUNNY and Blase on Spotify:

Check out JUNNY and Blase on Instagram: @jnkmsc and @rooftop_blase

"Rover" - KAI

Released on: March 13

Rover” by KAI is the title track song on his third album Rover. This song is so catchy and puts anyone in a good, dancing mood. The song is actually a remake of Bulgarian singer Dara’s song “Mr. Rover” which was released in 2022. There is also an accompanying music video for this song which is so nice and features the fun choreography for this song.

Listen to “Rover” by KAI on Spotify:

Check out KAI on Instagram: @zkdlin

"like this" - CLUB BOYBND

Released on: March 17

Like This” is the second song that CLUB BOYBND has released. It’s a fun, catchy K R&B song mixed with other elements. CLUB BOYBND are just a genre on their own and everybody needs to listen to them to understand. The music video is also really fun and cute. Highly suggest listening to CLUB BOYBND.

Listen to “Like This” by CLUB BOYBND on Spotify:

Check out CLUB BOYBND on Instagram: @clubboybnd, @antikpopstar and @_roclee

"Set Me Free Pt.2" - Jimin

Released on: March 17

Set Me Free Pt.2” is the pre-release track on Jimin’s first solo album FACE which came out on March 24th. This song is got such a badass vibe to it and it’s so fitting for Jimin’s overall style. The music video is literally so beautifully done and the choreography is so elegant yet fierce. To read more about this song and Jimin’s album, check out the comeback corner post for this.

Listen to “Set Me Free Pt.2” by Jimin on Spotify:

Check out Jimin on Instagram: @j.m

"show me" - Jimmy Brown

Released on: March 26

“show me” is Jimmy Brown’s latest song and it’s so good. It’s a slow R&B song with lyrics that hit. I love Jimmy Brown’s music so much so this song has been on repeat since it came out. I also love the album cover and how simple it is. Jimmy Brown is actually coming out with another song in April with Ethan Low, it’s called “Skintight” and you should pre-save it.

Listen to “show me” by Jimmy Brown on Spotify:

Check out Jimmy Brown on Instagram: @jimmybrownxx

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