Jiwoo on the cover of 6 Canadian Artists To Listen To
Artist on Cover: Jiwoo (@maisonjiwoo)

As a Canadian company, we are all about finding and highlighting the amazing, emerging artists that are from Canada. Since today is Canada Day, we have decided to share 6 Canadian artists that you should listen to (if you haven’t already). All the artists mentioned vary in genres and musical styles so, hopefully you find yourself liking at least one of them.

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Jiwoo on the cover of 6 Canadian Artists To Listen To

Jiwoo is a South Korean-Canadian singer-songwriter and producer from Toronto, Canada. He is under WAVY – which is a Seoul-based label founded by South Korean singer Colde (also known as his other artist name offonoff).

Jiwoo debuted on July 6th, 2019 with his debut EP Maison. This EP consists of 6 songs and includes his most popular song “Comme des Garçons” which has over 9.9 million streams. The EP also includes other popular songs of his such as; “Greed” (6.9 million streams), “Aston” (1.4 million streams) and “Sapphire Blue” (1.3 million streams).

On August 24th, 2021, he released his second EP Espirit – which is a 5 song EP that includes his song “Lustre” which has over 1.6 million streams. Lastly, his latest release is from August 12th, 2022 and it’s his third EP Evergray. Our absolute favourite song on this EP and in general is “In the Blur of the Rain” which is track 2 on this EP.

Hopefully, we can hear some more music from Jiwoo soon!

Listen to “In the Blur of the Rain” on Spotify”

Check out Jiwoo on Instagram: @maisonjiwoo

Ethan Low on the cover of 6 Canadian Artists To Listen To

Ethan Low is a Malaysian-Singaporean-Canadian R&B singer and songwriter from Toronto, Canada. Ethan’s sound is very unique as it is a blend of Western and Asian R&B. He used to make music under a different alias, and even opened for Korean R&B singer JUNNY back in September 2022.

In January of this year, Ethan and his close friend Koven Wei sold out their first headline show at the Drake Underground in Toronto. Ethan officially debuted on February 28th of this year with the release of “BUBBLY”. “BUBBLY” started gaining attention on TikTok prior to the release and now this song has over 7.4 million streams – making it Ethan’s most popular song. On March 16th, Ethan opened for South Korean singer GEMINI in Toronto alongside Koven Wei.

On March 17th, Ethan released the single “GEMINI” which has over 4.1 million streams. Additionally, he released “SKINTIGHT” (2.4 million streams) on April 19th which was a collaboration with South Korean singer Jimmy Brown. On May 28th, he released “NWYK”. His latest release is from yesterday (June 30th) and it’s the song “BOUJEE” which has a disco/R&B feel to it, listen here.

In May, he performed at Asia Times Square’s Asian Heritage Festival in Dallas, Texas. As well, he opened for Mico in Toronto in June alongside Koven Wei.

Listen to “BUBBLY” by Ethan Low on Spotify:

Check out Ethan Low on Instagram: @_ethanlow

Koven Wei on the cover of 6 Canadian Artists To Listen To

Koven Wei is a Chinese-Canadian indie artist from Toronto, Canada. He is also the owner/founder of LAB0916 which is a Canadian collective/agency. He debuted on April 29th, 2018 with the single “Sweater Weather” – which was a collaboration with Fruitypoppin. This song is his most popular song with over 2.5 streams on Spotify.

Koven released a few singles after “Sweater Weather” with his last single being “OMT” in August 2021 before his hiatus. Throughout 2022, Koven Wei was working on music and really finding and redefining his sound. In September 2022, he opened for JUNNY in Toronto alongside Ethan Low and he performed unreleased music, which really got the crowd going.

On February 10th, of this year, he released “EVERYTHING IS RED” which is a blend of hyper-pop/anti-pop and alternative. Personally, it’s one of our favourite songs from his discography so far. On March 24th, he released the single “BEFORE” which is a collaboration with Indonesian singer-songwriter and producer HNATA. Followed by that, he collaborated with Korean-American singer Aleebi for the song “LIPSTICK” – which is a punk-rock/hyper-pop song. His latest release “LATE NIGHT TALKS” is from yesterday (June 30th), you can listen here.

Listen to “EVERYTHING IS RED” by Koven Wei on Spotify:

Check out Koven Wei on Instagram: @kovenwei

Danny Park on the cover of 6 Canadian Artists To Listen To

Danny Park is South Korean Indie-Rock artist from Toronto, Canada. He is under the BAD KIDS collective. He debuted on April 7th, 2020 with the single “Social Distance” which was a collaboration with Alice Soung. This is his most popular song with 11.7K streams on Spotify. On July 1st, 2022, he released his debut album Sweet Chaos.

In February of this year, Danny came back and released his single “saltandsnow”. We feel that this song opened a new era and sound for Danny and we love it! His latest release “Hey!” is from May 5th and it’s a collaboration with WIMY, another artist under BAD KIDS. “Hey!” also has a music video for it so, watch it here.

Listen to “Hey!” by Danny Park and WIMY on Spotify:

Check out Danny Park on Instagram: @daannypark

DACEY on the cover of 6 Canadian Artists To Listen To

DACEY (pronounced DA-SEE) is an Indie/Alternative-R&B duo from Vancouver, Canada. The duo consists of Dacey Andrada (lead vocalist) and Justin Tecson (guitarist and keyboardist). Their music is a blend of alternative R&B, Neo-Soul, Jazz and Indie. They debuted on June 28th, 2019 with the single “Sidewalks”.

On March 20th, 2020 they released the single “I’ll Be There” which has over 1.1 million streams. Followed by the release of “I’ll Be There”, they released “Broccoli’s Keeper” – which is their most popular song with over 1.2 million streams on Spotify. All three of these songs were pre-release tracks for their first EP SATIN PLAYGROUND which released on January 11th, 2021.

On July 29th, 2022, they released the single “STEPMOM” – which is another popular song of theirs with a little over 1 million streams. Their latest release “GETAWAY” is from June 9th of this year and it’s a collaboration with Kimmortal. DACEY has garnered millions of streams on Spotify and are even featured in Spotify curated playlists such as; indie pop & chill, Mood Ring and more.

Listen to “Broccoli’s Keeper” by DACEY on Spotify:

Check out DACEY on Instagram: @daceytheband

Eric Reprid on the cover of 6 Canadian Artists To Listen To

Eric Reprid is a Hip-Hop artist based in Vancouver, Canada. He debuted on May 8th, 2017 with the single “Yellow Kid” – which currently has a little over 1 million streams. He released a lot of singles throughout 2017. He released his first album Who Cares. on July 20th, 2018.

He started to gain attention in September 2020 after the release of his single “Cold World”. This is his most popular song with over 51.8 million streams. It is also a JUNO nominated single. “Cold World” was the pre-release track to his 8 track EP Cold World which came out at the end of December 2020. Another popular song on the EP that is our personal favourite is track 8 “Nobody Knows” which has over 9.2 million streams.

On March 18th, 2022, Eric released a 13 track album titled 3TERNITY. This was his last project with producer and long time friend, Marc Wavy. The two of them released a total of 91 releases together. This album includes another popular song of Eric’s which is titled “Vam” and has over 4.8 million streams.

For 2023, Eric has been releasing a single almost month basically. His latest release “8am” is from June 2nd and sits at 47.4K streams on Spotify.

Listen to “Nobody Knows” by Eric Reprid on Spotify:

Check out Eric Reprid on Instagram: @ericreprid

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