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About Behind the Beat

Welcome to Behind The Beat, your ultimate destination for all things music! We are extremely passionate about music as it connects people, evokes emotions, inspires creativity and builds a community. Our mission is to delve deep into the world of primarily independent music and provide you with behind-the-scenes insights, artist profiles, song recommendations and more.

Our Story

Behind the Beat was founded in November 2022 by Brenessa Roach. Combining her love for listening to music, writing and her career in A&R, she created Behind The Beat to share her discoveries, grow herself as a music journalist and network with the industry. Currently Behind The Beat is solely ran and operated by Brenessa Roach.

What We Do

  • Artist Features: We shine a spotlight on musicians, bands, and producers, revealing their journeys, influences, and the creative processes that lead to the songs you love. We also love to track their growth with monthly listeners.
  • Exclusive Interviews: We connect with artists to bring you exclusive interviews, providing an inside look at their journey and artistry.
  • Press Coverages: We write articles for artist’s new music releases and on occasion, we write about K-Pop comebacks under our series “Comeback Corner”. As well, we do press coverages for concerts and other music events.
  • Community and Engagement: Behind The Beat has grown to have a beautiful community across Instagram and in our Discord server. Through these blogs, we connect with other music enthusiasts and discover even more artists.

Why Behind the Beat?

Behind The Beat strives to be the most inclusive organization out there. It’s very hard for smaller, newer and independent artists to get press coverages without emptying their wallets out, which is why Behind The Beat tries to share as many artists as they can. By sharing the music of these small artists, not only are they growing, but we are growing with them and it’s a beautiful thing to see.

Thank you for being a part of our musical community!

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