Mōzo, pH-1 and SUMIN on the cover of A Cozy Winter Playlist
Artists on Cover: Mōzi, pH-1 and SUMIN

Whether you’re working, at a cafe, reading, or commuting, this playlist consists of the perfect cozy winter songs. The playlist consists of 18 songs with various genres that I associate with winter.

Check out the songs in this playlist:

Picture of Honey + Tea by Mōzi Album Cover

“Honey + Tea” is a pop song by Mōzi, a singer from Michigan. I recently discovered this song and I felt it was perfect for a cozy winter morning with a cup of tea. The song combines a beautiful piano with Mōzi’s sweet, soft vocals. With her 57K monthly listeners, she is still quite an underrated artist who I think deserves to be heard more.

Listen to “Honey + Tea” by Mōzi on Spotify:

Check out Mōzi on Instagram: @mozimusic

Picture of Coffee by Joel Adams Album Cover

Just as coffee makes people happy, this song makes me happy too. It’s a song that mixes elements of r&b, pop and soul. It is written and sang by Australian singer Joel Adams. This is a song I discovered at the beginning of January and it has been on repeat since then.

Listen to “Coffee” by Joel Adams on Spotify:

Check out Joel Adams on Instagram: @joeladams

Picture of Let It Snow by pH-1 and SUMIN Album Cover

This is a song collaboration between Korean-American rapper pH-1 (also known as Harry or Park Junwon) and K pop singer SUMIN that came out on January 1. This song is an R&B/slowed down version to the classic song “Let It Snow”. R&B is one of my favourite genres, so hearing this version was truly amazing.

Listen to “Let It Snow” by pH-1 and SUMIN on Spotify:

Check out pH-1 and SUMIN on Instagram: @ph1boyyy and @suminboutu

Picture of Always So Simple, Always So Cold by Hayes & Y Album Cover

This is one of my new favourite songs. It is an indie-rock song by the Bulgarian band “Hayes & Y”, who are currently based in Manchester, UK. I first heard this song in late 2022 by looking through my Bulgarian friend’s Spotify playlist and I fell in love with the song instantly. This song has a vintage vibe to it due to the layering of the 80’s style electric guitar and bass (if you like The Smiths, I would recommend Hayes & Y). I was surprised to see that this band only has 8.6K monthly listeners on Spotify and aren’t even verified on Instagram, which is why I had to share this song with you because I feel like they have so much potential to grow.

Listen to “Always So Simple, Always So Cold” by Hayes & Y on Spotify:

Check out Hayes & Y on Instagram: @hayes_and_y

Picture of Love to Keep Me Warm Album Art by Laufey and dodie

“Love to Keep Me Warm” is Laufey and dodie’s version of the holiday classic “Winter Weather” – which is Laufey’s favourite Christmas song since she was a kid. Combining Laufey’s jazz style and dodie’s indie-pop style, this song is absolutely perfect, especially with their harmonies.

Listen to “Love to Keep Me Warm” by Laufey and dodie on Spotify:

Check out Laufey and dodie on Instagram: @laufey and @doddleoddle

Picture of Chamomile Art by An Unexpected End

This is a song by the indie-folk band “An Unexpected End” from Manitoba, Canada. I discovered this song in early 2022 and it has been one of my favourites. I also really love the song title “Chamomile”. Chamomile is usually used to induce sleep, help relax and stay calm, which is also the vibe of this song. I think An Unexpected End is a very underrated and unheard of Canadian artist that I had to share.

Listen to “Chamomile” by An Unexpected End on Spotify:

Check out An Unexpected End on Instagram: @anunexpectedend

Picture of Winter blossom album art by Dept, Ashley Alisha and nobody likes you pat

Dept is a Korean R&B/pop producer and dj and who shares not only his story through music but the story of everyone who touches each other’s wounds (Source: Spotify bio). Dept has grown to be one of my favourite Korean producers as his style and genres change with every song he makes. “Winter blossom” is a song collaboration with Ashley Alisha (a writer for K-pop groups and now a singer) and nobody likes you pat (an American singer signed to Nettwerk Music Group). This song is the perfect song to transition from Winter to Spring.

As well, the music video just dropped last week so check it out.

Check out Dept, Ashley Alisha and nobody likes you pat on Instagram: @dept113, @ashleyalishaofficial and @patkiloran

Picture of Warm on a Cold Night Album Art by HONNE

“Warm On A Cold Night” is the first song on HONNE’s Warm On A Cold Night (Deluxe) album. This song was also one of the very first songs HONNE released in 2015. HONNE is an electronic duo from UK consisting of James Hatcher and Andy Clutterbuck. This song is a song about a couple who are in love.

Listen to “Warm on a Cold Night” by HONNE on Spotify:

Check out HONNE on Instagram: @hellohonne

Picture of Winter Sleep Album Art by IU

“Winter Sleep” is the third and lead single on IU’s latest EP Pieces which was released in December 2021. IU (Lee Ji-eun) is an iconic Korean pop and ballad singer, known for her sweet and powerful vocals. “Winter Sleep” is a soft-piano song that I love listening to on a cold, winter night.

Listen to “Winter Sleep” by IU on Spotify:

Check out IU on Instagram: @dlwlrma

Picture of Little Things by ABBA Album Art cover

Everyone knows ABBA (I hope) but if you didn’t, they are a Swedish group from the 70’s consisting of Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, and Anni-Frid Lyngstad. In November 2021, ABBA made a comeback after a 40 years hiatus for the release of this song “Little Things” on their album Voyage. This song was their first Christmas song ever and it was a hit in my opinion.

Listen to “Little Things” by ABBA on Spotify:

Check out ABBA on Instagram: @abba

Forever Winter by Taylor Swift Album Art cover

Taylor Swift’s music is the epitome of cozy. She has a song for each season and in particular, “Forever Winter” is one of my personal favourite Winter songs. This song was released in November 2021 on the Red (Taylor’s Version) album and is one of the nine “From The Vault” songs, which were songs Taylor never released for the original Red album.

Listen to “Forever Winter (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) by Taylor Swift” on Spotify:

Check out Taylor Swift on Instagram: @taylorswift

FINNEAS is a singer, songwriter and producer who mostly works with his sister Billie Eilish. He came out with “Another Year” on December 1, 2020. This song is one that FINNEAS wrote during the pandemic when he was unsure of what was ahead of him. It’s a comforting song and I hope you like it too.

Listen to “Another Year” by FINNEAS on Spotify:

Check out FINNEAS on Instagram: @FINNEAS

Winter In The Stars by WENDY and John Legend Album Art cover

“Written In The Stars” is a song performed by WENDY from the SM Entertainment K pop group Red Velvet and American singer-songwriter John Legend. The collaboration was the last song in the SM “Station x 0” global project.

Listen to “Written In The Stars” by WENDY and John Legend on Spotify:

Check out WENDY and John Legend on Instagram: @todayis_wendy and @johnlegend

Coffee by beabadoobee Album Art cover

“Coffee” was the first song beabadoobee (also known as Bea Kristi) wrote and released in November 2017. This song gained over 300 views at the time and lead her to being signed by Dirty Hit Records. I love alternative and indie music, which is why I love this song.

Listen to “Coffee” by beabadoobee on Spotify:

Check out beabadoobee on Instagram: @radvxz

I've got love to to keep me warm by frank sinatra Album Art cover

“I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm” is a wintery song by Frank Sinatra. It’s a jazzy seasonal song perfect for the holidays and colder months. It also happens to be one of my favourite songs by Frank Sinatra.

Listen to “I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm” by Frank Sinatra on Spotify:

Picture of Kissin' in the cold album art by jp saxe and julia michaels

This is a song I discovered fairly recently while stumbling upon a winter romantic playlist. I love the vibe of the song and how well JP Saxe and Julia Michael’s voices mesh. JP Saxe is a Canadian singer-songwriter and Julia Michael is an American singer-songwriter. The two singers used to be in a relationship and are most commonly known for their song “If the World Was Ending”.

Listen to “Kissin’ In The Cold” by JP Saxe and Julia Michaels on Spotify:

Check out JP Saxe and Julia Michaels on Instagram: @jpsaxe and @juliamichaels

Picture of Stormy Weather Album Art by Etta James

“Stormy Weather” is a song from 1933 that was originally written by Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler. It is a torch song, which refers to a sentimental love song. Etta James covered this song in 1960 and I think her voice suits the style of this song very well.

Listen to “Stormy Weather” by Etta James on Spotify:

Picture of Winter Song Album Art by The Head And The Heart

The Head And The Heart is an indie-folk band from Seattle, United States America consisting of Josiah Johnson, Jonathan Russell, Charity Rose Thielen, Chris Zasche, Kenny Hensley, and Tyler Williams. I also recently discovered this song, and I enjoyed it a lot, which is why I felt it fit perfectly in this cozy playlist.

Listen to “Winter Song” by The Head And The Heart on Spotify:

Check out The Head And The Heart on Instagram: @theheadandtheheart

You can find these 18 songs in the Spotify playlist below:

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