Pio Hartnett on the cover of Artists From Ireland To Listen To
Artist on Cover: Pio Hartnett (@piohartnett)

As Behind The Beat prepares to travel to Ireland, we decided to look for some artists from Ireland that we could share with everyone. In this article, we will be sharing 4 artists from all across Ireland. Each artist makes music in a different genre so, we hope you find some songs to add to your playlists.

Pio Hartnett on the cover of Artists From Ireland To Listen To

Pio Hartnett is a singer-songwriter and producer from Galway with around 8.3K monthly listeners on Spotify. His music is a blend of pop, folk and indie rock. He made his debut on his birthday on January 14th, 2022 with the single “Roses”. On July 7th, 2022, he released the single “Broadway” – which is his most popular song with a little over 65.9K streams.

His second most popular song with 55K streams is titled “Will you be back before dark?” and was released on February 1st of this year. His latest release is from April 21st and it’s his debut album Cargo. The album consists of 9 tracks and pays homage to various genres and inspirations. The lyricism in the album is very charming as well. Our favourite song on Cargo is titled “I don’t mind, it’s nice to make new friends”. Additionally, Pio’s song “When I Go There” was featured in Spotify’s curated playlist “A Breath of Fresh Éire

Listen to “I don’t mind, it’s nice to make new friends” by Pio Hartnett on Spotify:

Check out Pio Hartnett on Instagram: @piohartnett

shiv on the cover of Artists From Ireland To Listen To

shiv is a DJ turned singer-songwriter and producer based in Dublin. She currently has around 181.6K monthly listeners on Spotify. She was born in Zimbabwe into a musical family and moved to Ireland at the age of 5. Her music is a unique blend of R&B and Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, with elements of Soul and Neo-Soul – all genres which influenced her growing up.

She debuted on June 11th, 2019 with the single “Here”. On October 2nd, 2020, she released the single “You and I” – which is one of her most popular songs with over 4.5 million streams. Followed by the release of “You and I”, she released “Hold Me” which garnered over 2.4 million streams. In November, she released the song “Letting You Know” which is another one of her popular songs with a little over 1.3 million streams. On December 4th, 2020, she released her debut EP Me 2 Me which consists of 6 songs and includes her hit songs; “You and I”, “Hold Me” and “Letting You Know”.

In October 2021, she released her second EP titled The Love Interlude. On December 2nd, 2022, she released the single “Golden” – which is her most popular song with over 11.7 million streams on Spotify. Her latest release from May 5th of this year is a song titled “Heavy Water”.

Listen to “Heavy Water” by shiv on Spotify:

Check out shiv on Instagram: @hi_im_shiv

modernlove. on the cover of Artists From Ireland To Listen To

modernlove. is a four piece Rock/Pop band from Drogheda, Ireland. The band consists of childhood friends; Barry Lally (vocalist/guitarist), Graham Fagen (guitarist), Daniel Rooney (bassist), and Cian McClusky (drummer).

The group debuted on September 3rd, 2021 with their debut EP monochrome blue. A year later in July 2022, they released their second EP titled Oh My Mind. Their latest release is from March 24th of this year and it was for their third EP Nightlife. Their single with the same title “Nightlife” is how we discovered them.

Listen to “Nightlife” by modernlove. on Spotify:

Check out modernlove. on Instagram: @modernlove_band

Fizzy Orange on the cover of Artists From Ireland To Listen To

Fizzy Orange is a 6 piece Indie City Soul band from Dublin consisting of; Kipeeby (vocalist), CB (bassist), TBJM (guitarist), Jesus D (saxaphonist), Rio (drummer) and Max (keyboardist).

Fizzy Orange debuted on July 10th, 2022 with the single “Tell Me What You Want” – which is their second most popular song with a little over 165K streams on Spotify. On October 22nd, 2021, they released the single “Wonder”. This is their most popular song with over 695K streams on Spotify. Their latest release is the single “Surf” which was released on April 7th of this year.

Listen to “Surf” by Fizzy Orange on Spotify:

Check out Fizzy Orange on Instagram: @fizzy_orange_

You can find all 4 songs mentioned in this article on our Spotify playlist below:

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