kuiper on the cover of ASIAN ARTISTS YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE
Artist on Cover: kuiper

In this article, I share with you 6 Asian artists that you need in your life. So, let’s get started.

kuiper on the cover of ASIAN ARTISTS YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE

kuiper is a singer-songwriter and producer from Toronto, Canada. He started producing music and making demos in high school. He started releasing music to digital streaming platforms in 2020 until April 2022 under his name Zion Kim. For 2023, he changed his artist name to kuiper because ”Zion Kim is representative of an old version of me, and after taking a year break from music, I knew that who I was before was not who I am now. Now, I feel distant from a lot of different things, but also so much closer and personal with music, which made me change my name to kuiper, like the kuiper belt”.

On February 17, he released the song “forget” which was produced by him with the help of some of his friends. This song is literally amazing and such a great driving song. Additionally, his latest single from March 2nd is titled “SINNER” and it’s in collaboration with Mo. and cinna. Currently, kuiper is busy making more demos and music so stay tuned. Additionally, he is releasing a new song “kerosene” on April 14th, you can pre-save it here.

Listen to “forget” by kuiper on Spotify:

Check out kuiper on Instagram: @kuiper_xiii

oowoah on the cover of ASIAN ARTISTS YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE

Jonathan Lee, known by his artist name oowoah is an Indie-Pop/Alternative R&B singer and songwriter from Atlanta, USA. He started making music about 2 years ago. On August 2nd, 2021, he released his debut EP working on myself which consists of 6 songs. On March 19th, 2022, oowoah released his first album don’t sleep too late. oowoah started the new year off with a new single “be there for you” on January 9th followed by a double single album with “night away” featuring Sweet Rain and “tall enough”. His latest release is his EP disco at dark from March 17th. Currently, oowoah is working on new music so you can expect more music in the near future, but in the meantime keep streaming disco at dark.

Listen to “you’ve been on my mind” by oowoah on Spotify:

Check out oowoah on Instagram: @jon_leeee

Rangga Jones is an Indoensian-born pop and R&B singer, songwriter and producer based in Singapore. In July 2019, he released his first single “Beautiful Mistake” to digital streaming platforms. He released a lot of singles throughout 2019. On June 19, 2020, he released the single “Other Half” which currently has over 7.7 million streams. Rangga’s most popular song is “confidence in me” which was released in October 2021 and has over 11 million streams.

In December 2021, Rangga Jones released his debut EP A Little Bit Patient which collectively has over 10.5 million streams on Spotify. This EP consists of 5 songs including “confidence in me” and my personal favourite song “End of The Day” – which is a collaboration with ZIONN. So far for 2023, Rangga released “Waste Your Time” on January 20th, followed by his newest single “On My Own” which came out on March 17th.

Listen to “On My Own” by Rangga Jones on Spotify:

Check out Rangga Jones on Instagram: @ranggajones18


Lyle Kam is a Toronto based singer and songwriter. He made his debut to digital streaming platforms in March 2019 with the single “Far Away”. On September 14th, 2019, Lyle released his debut album Dogfight which includes 7 songs. Lyle released a lot of singles throughout 2019 and 2020. In July 2021, he released an EP titled Folly. The EP consists of 6 songs and includes his most popular song “Unlove” – which has over 4.6 million streams.

I started listening to Lyle in June 2022 after the release of his single “somebody to you” – which is one of my favourite songs. It’s also a song included on his latest album blurry eyed which was released on November 4th, 2022. Following the release of Lyle’s album, he had a release party in Toronto! Unfortunately, I didn’t go, but hopefully in 2023 I can see Lyle perform and we can hear some more music.

Listen to “somebody to you” by Lyle Kam on Spotify:

Check out Lyle Kam on Instagram: @lylekam


Priya Ragu is a pop, R&B & Soul Tamil-Swiss singer and songwriter signed to Warner Records. She released her first single “Good Love 2.0” in October 2020. This song is her most popular song with over 5 million streams. Most of her songs have over millions of streams and yet, I only discovered her recently. Her style is so unique and I love how she incorporates her cultures into her music.

On September 3rd, 2021, she released her first album damnshestamil which consists of 10 songs. Her latest release “Adalam Va!” is from October 2022. Hopefully, in 2023 we get to hear more of her music and maybe another album!

Listen to “Adalam Va!” by Priya Ragu on Spotify:

Check out Priya Ragu on Instagram: @priyaraguofficial

Karrtii is a Filipino R&B/Pop singer and rapper from Bradford, England. On June 24th, 2019, he released his first single “Pause” – which was a collaboration with another singer named 3nye. His first EP PLAY was also with 3yne and that EP was released on December 3rd, 2021. I recently discovered Karrtii because of the song “drive safe” which is on his July 2022 EP BLUE SUMMER.

Karrtii actually released a new EP yesterday titled STILL TRYING. The EP includes 4 songs and I think “WORTH IT” is the best song! So, make sure to listen to the album and check out Karrtii’s other music.

Listen to “drive safe” by Karrtii on Spotify:

Check out Karrtii on Instagram: @karrtii

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