Gabriel Cho on the cover of Asian Hyperpop Artists | 100K AND BELOW
Artist on Cover: Gabriel Cho

Hyperpop is a genre I have always known of, but never actually listened to until I came across the artist mitsu, who I will be talking about in this article. Hyperpop is essentially just pop, hip-hop and electronic music mixed with eccentric sensibilities. In this article, I will share 6 Asian artists who create hyperpop music. However, these artists also create music in other genres as well.

Gabriel Cho on the cover of Asian Hyperpop Artists | 100K AND BELOW

Current Monthly Listeners: 608

Gabriel Cho is a hyperpop and rock producer, songwriter and singer originally from LA. He is currently based in Virginia, United States since he went to college there. He started making music when he was 10 years old because he got inspired from his family playing Christian rock music. Like many musicians, it took Gabriel a while to find his sound/style. Luckily, his mentor from Berklee – producer for Radiohead helped him understand the importance of emotion in music, which is why Gabriel chose to do rock music due to the emotions and powerful vocals found in this genre. Additionally, Gabriel used to produce for Korean hip hop rappers (mentored by Flowsik) but, currently he makes demos and mostly works on K-Pop productions.

He released his first EP LIFE in January 2018. 2020 was when he released quite a few singles such as; “Run Away (I Can’t)”, “Mr. Aether”, “Nightmares” and “Hypnotic Jewelry”. He released his second EP Wish You The Best in April 2021, followed by the release of his single “Saint”, which is the first song of his to get over 1000K streams. His most streamed song is “Sympathy” which came out in September 2022. This song has over 13K streams and is in collaboration with cinna. I came across Gabriel’s music through EXPOSITION and after the release of his latest single “Reality”. I think Gabriel has a lot of potential to grow, especially since his music is full of emotions.

Special thanks to Gabriel Cho for providing me with some information.

Listen to “Reality” by Gabriel Cho on Spotify:

Check out Gabriel Cho on Instagram: @gabriel.y.cho

Current Monthly Listeners: 15.1K

mitsu is a singer from and based in Anchorage, Alaska. He started growing an interest in music in 2018 when he was in 7th grade by making mediocre tracks. However, he started taking music seriously around mid 2020. He occasionally produces music as well and hasn’t really explored in the songwriting area yet. He released his first single “back2u” on digital streaming platforms in September 2020. This song is a collaboration with an artist named yugen and is also his most popular song of over 390K streams. I randomly came across mitsu’s music because of the song “안녕” (hello) which was released on November 29, 2020. Throughout 2021 and 2022, mitsu released a lot of singles and a fews ago on February 24th, he released his first EP ako.

Special thanks to mitsu for providing me with some information.

Listen to “back2u” by mitsu and yugen on Spotify:

Check out mitsu on Instagram: @mitsooya

brynne on the cover of Asian Hyperpop Artists | 100K AND BELOW

Current Monthly Listeners: 433

brynne is a Filipino-American alternative R&B/Pop and hyperpop singer from Los Angeles, USA. He is an independent artist, but is affiliated with and the president of NextWorld Collective, which is an LA based collective. His previous artist name was “brin”. He released his first song “origami” to digital streaming platforms in January 2021 followed by a few more singles. On December 2, 2021, he released his first EP sem1.mp3. Throughout 2022, brynne released a few more singles.

Currently in 2023, he released “bleach” (with kimmy) on January 12, 2023 and “popstar!” with KU-KAI on January 27th. Additionally, he released his second EP sem2.mp3 on February 10. brynne is set to release his new single “mirror” this Thursday, March 16th. “mirror” is an alternative R&B song with another artist named Owen Aguilar who sings on the chorus.

Special thanks to brynne for providing me with some information.

Listen to “popstar!” by brynne and KU-KAI on Spotify:

Check out brynne on Instagram: @paper.crannes

saikyo on the cover of Asian Hyperpop Artists | 100K AND BELOW

Current Monthly Listeners: 28.8K

saikyo is a singer, songwriter and producer from Australia, or as he describes it “the land of kangaroos and grappling hooks”. He started making music a few years ago usinf Windows Movie Maker on his dad’s laptop. Now, he produces and does everything on his own majority of the time.

He released his first single “ウィンター” (translates to “winter”) to streaming platforms in December 2020. His most popular song “slime ranchr” was released on March 17, 2021. This song has over 400K streams and is how I found him in an unofficial hyperpop playlist. Another popular song of saikyo’s is “sleepサイキョ” (I believe it means “sleep psycho”) which was released on December 25, 2021. This song has around 250K streams. Throughout 2022, saikyo released a lot of singles. In 2023, he has so far released 7 singles. His most recent single from February 21st is “ᎶᏗᏒᎴᏋᏁ ᎧᎦ ᏰᏝᎥᏕᏕ”.

Special thanks to saikyo for providing me with some information.

Listen to “slime ranchr” by saikyo on Spotify:

Check out saikyo on Instagram: @saikyoz

Alexmalism on the cover of Asian Hyperpop Artists | 100K AND BELOW

Current Monthly Listeners: 1.4K

Alexmalism (Alex Yiu) is a singer, DJ, composer and producer based in Hong Kong. They “draw inspiration from minimalism, industrial, trance, vogueing and even classical music to create his own eclectic sound world.” (Source: Electric Soul). Alex started releasing music in November 2018 with the release of their debut single “Velodrome” followed by their first album TKO in December 2018. Alexmalism’s latest release from October 2022 is the album ALEXMALISM which consists of 10 songs.

Listen to “海” by Alexmalism on Spotify:

Check out Alexmalism on Instagram: @Alexmalism

Cayenne on the cover of Asian Hyperpop Artists | 100K AND BELOW

Current Monthly Listeners: 1.4K

Cayenne is a singer who debuted on October 16, 2020 with the release of her single “Drivin’ Away” followed by the release of “Sugar Rush” in December 2020. In March 2021, she was featured on Folie’s album for the song “shewontcrash”. This is Cayenne’s most popular song on her profile with over 50K streams. On June 18, 2021, she released her first EP Cayenne which consists of 4 songs; “Drivin’ Away”, “Sugar Rush”, “Fav Treat” and “Centrefold”. Her latest release “Broke Yr Feet” is from December 2022.

Listen to “Drivin’ Away” by Cayenne on Spotify:

Check out Cayenne on Instagram: @cayenne_forever

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