On January 5th, 2024 at midnight, Alternative-R&B and pop quartet BAD !DEA released their debut single “need you now”.

BAD !DEA describes themselves as a quartet that “melds exotic beats with soft Korean and English verses.” The group consists of; joon ha, zoe, yicheng, and agatha. Based in Korea, UK and Singapore, “the four members of the band overcome geographical boundaries and craft ear worms for your listening pleasure.”

Their song “need you now” is a catchy R&B/Pop infused song. We asked them about the meaning behind it and they said “[the song] depicts a forlorn lover who is trapped in an endless cycle of longing and hope for requited love. Despite knowing how much loving hurts, the lover still hangs on, sacrificing himself in the process. He remembers the times where they shared moments of bliss and love, the promises made to each other. He knows they were empty promises, but still holds on to an impossible dream.”

Furthermore, BAD !DEA explains that this song is their first ever song that they wrote together, “where it came together really naturally in our first session, but the song was only completed after half a year of experimentation. We wanted to make sure every beat, every sample and every vocal in the song worked together harmoniously, and in our pursuit to bring our song to life, we created more than 80 different versions of the song before we settled on our favourite one. We aimed to showcase our distinct vocal styles and songwriting approaches in “need you now”, creating a truly unique sound that embodies our band. Drawing from our diverse life experiences, we crafted the song’s story from multiple perspectives, weaving together various points of view to narrate a compelling tale.”

We actually first heard “need you now” in a snippet on TikTok. After hearing it and falling in love with the song, we were so impatient for this song to release. We reached out to BAD !DEA and we are so thankful to them for working with us to create this blog article!

“need you now” is now available on all digital streaming platforms so, make sure to listen to it here.

Listen to “need you now” by BAD !DEA on Spotify:

Check out BAD !DEA on Instagram: @badidea.m4a

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