Sylo on Canadian R&B Artists Cover
Artist on Cover: Sylo

R&B is a very popular genre as it should be because it is one of the best genres. Canada has so many amazing R&B artists and even has the Spotify curated playlist “Mood Ring” dedicated to R&B artists in Canada. In this article, I will share 8 R&B artists from Canada that I think are literally amazing and I think you will like too.

Sylo on Canadian R&B Artists Cover

Sylo is one of my favourite Canadian artists. His music is so chill and each song has a different vibe. Sylo released his debut album Sylo Songs in January 2020. On March 11, 2020, Sylo released “Ginny” and “Hulu”. Ginny is currently his most popular song with 10.8 million streams. Throughout 2020 and 2021, Sylo released quite a bit of songs. He ended 2021 with the release of his single “Spacing Out”. This was the first song by him that I ever listened to because I discovered it in the Mood Ring Spotify playlist.

Since then, I have been following Sylo’s musical journey and he definitely has grown a lot musically as well as in terms of monthly listeners. On January 11, Sylo released his EP blanket which consists of his hit “Ginny” and 6 other songs. I think this is a no skip EP and so far is one of my favourites of the year. I say this because I love the chill, slower R&B style that Sylo has. Additionally, his voice and music is very comforting especially the song “Air” which has been on repeat since it was pre-released in November 2022. Sylo just performed last week at Baby G in Toronto and will be performing later this month in Texas at SXSW 2023. For 2023, I cannot wait to see how Sylo grows even more. and I can’t wait for his future releases.

Listen to “Ginny” by Sylo on Spotify:

Check out Sylo Instagram: @sylooo

FRVRFRIDAY on Canadian R&B Artists Cover

FRVRFRIDAY is an artist from Edmonton, Canada who is known for his hit song “100 Rounds” released in March 2020. He released his first single “Got It” in November 2017. He released two EP’s in 2017; More Than You Know and Offline. I first listened to FRVRFRIDAY in March 2022 after the release of “How Would You Feel”. However, I didn’t become a regular listener until September 23rd, 2022 when he released “ALL EARS”. This song is one of his best songs in my opinion. His last song of 2022 was in November with the release of “Birthday Girl”.

Listen to “ALL EARS” by FRVRFRIDAY on Spotify:

Check out FRVRFRIDAY on Instagram: @frvrfriday

Pino on Canadian R&B Artists Cover

Pino is a super talented producer, singer and songwriter based in Toronto. Pino started releasing music to streaming platforms in December 2019 with the release of his single “Feelings on the Ceiling”. On August 8th, 2021, he released his debut EP IN THE MEANTIME… which has 6 songs. I first heard Pino’s music in February 2022 after the release of his single “what u need”, which also happens to be my favourite song of his. After listening to “what u need”, I went back and listened to the rest of Pino’s music and I also really enjoy the song “Silent”. “Silent” is in collaboration with the singer LEA and this is also Pino’s most popular song of 177K streams. I really like Pino’s style because his silky vocals mixed with his production style has a very nostalgic feel to it. Last week on March 1st, Pino released his first single of 2023 titled “Over”, so check it out!

Listen to “Silent” by Pino and LEA on Spotify:

Check out Pino on Instagram: @itspino

BEBEBOY on Canadian R&B Artists Cover

BEBEBOY is a Hispanic-born singer-songwriter and producer from Toronto. I first discovered him in early 2022 in the Mood Ring Spotify playlist because of the song PASIÓN. I absolutely love his musical style as he blends R&B with music influenced by his Hispanic roots. Another song by BEBEBOY that is amazing is “ARENA Y MAR” which was released in April 2022. Since then, this song has become his most popular song of 187K streams. On February 22nd of this year, BEBEBOY released an EP titled SINCERAMENTE, BEBE. This EP consists of 2 songs; “CORAZON DE NIEVE” and “OTRA VUELTA CONTIGO”. The EP has really good vibes and I hope you enjoy it too.

Listen to “PASÍON” by BEBEBOY on Spotify:

Check out BEBEBOY on Instagram: @bebeboywurld

Chad Price on Canadian R&B Artists Cover

Chad Price is a singer-songwriter from London, Ontario and currently based in Toronto. His music is beautiful because he mixes R&B with soul, folk and pop, which makes his music really unique. He released his debut album In This Dream in March 2012 followed by his self-titled album Chad Price in January 2017. Chad is another artist I started listening to in 2022 thanks to his song “Somehow, Someway” which was released in October 2021. This song is currently his most popular song of over 1.1 million streams. His latest release is from August 25, 2022 when he released his third album Introversion which consists of 15 songs. Hopefully in 2023, we get to hear more music.

Listen to “Somehow, Someway” by Chad Price on Spotify:

Check out Chad Price on Instagram: @chadpricemusic

PURPLECA$INO on Canadian R&B Artists Cover

PURPLECA$INO is a Toronto based dark R&B/Hip-Hop duo consisting of 777GUZMVN and MOLLY. They started releasing music in October 2020 with the release of their debut single “SLEEP”. On February 11, 2021 they released their first album Good from Far, Far from Good. Their style very much reminds me of The Weeknd, specifically their song “Girl of The Night” which was released on January 28, 2022. I only started listening to PURPLECA$INO two weeks ago with the release of their sped up version of “Girl of The Night – Speed”. This version is actually my favourite. On March 17th, they are coming out with a new song titled “Back and Forth”, so pre-save here. “Back and Forth” is a dark R&B song. PURPLECA$INO says “inspired by the toxic situations driven by relations with a past toxic lover, Back and Forth is an atmospheric toxic dark r&b song that portrays a tiresome relationship. The lyrics are raw and rugged, allowing the listener to relate to the genuine emotion behind every line and picture the situation throughout the song. The catchy chorus accompanied with the powerful bass provides the listener with an emotional listen. PURPLECA$INO delivers a tiresome feeling in a dark yet energetic way.”

Listen to “Girl of The Night – Speed” by PURPLECA$INO on Spotify:

Check out PURPLECA$NO on Instagram:

Keanu Richal on Canadian R&B Artists Cover

Keanu Richal is a singer-songwriter and producer born in Manila, Philippines and raised in Toronto. He started posting music to digital streaming platforms on September 30, 2022 with the release of his single “Waitin’ On U”. In January of this year, Keanu released his second single “Make It Work”. So far, this song is my favourite and also his most popular song with 21K streams. Additionally, last week, Keanu released his single “First Flight Out”, which is also another amazing song. Can’t wait to hear what else he will release in 2023.

Listen to “Make It Work” by Keanu Richal on Spotify:

Check out Keanu Richal on Instagram: @keanurichal

Kubla is a singer, songwriter and producer with 98K monthly listeners. He started posting music in April 2019 with the release of his debut single “Changes”. I discovered him this past February with the release of his new single “Running Loose”. I heard it in the Mood Ring Spotify playlist and absolutely loved the vibes. The song has a nostalgic feel to it and kind of has a nu-funk feel as well. Can’t wait to hear more of Kubla’s music in the future.

Listen to “Running Loose” by Kubla on Spotify:

Check out Kubla on Instagram: @kubla

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