Artists on Cover: EVNNE (@evnne_official) Jihoo, Hanbin, Keita and Junghyun of EVNEE. Photo Credit: Jellyfish Entertainment.

On June 17th, 2024, South Korean pop boy group EVNNE (이븐) returned with their third mini-album, *RIDE or DIE.* With the release of this EP, EVNNE will embark on their first North American tour “Ride with EVNNE”, which will start on August 7th in Montreal, Canada

EVNNE, which stands for “Evening’s Newest Étoiles” is a South Korean boy group formed by Jellyfish Entertainment. The group consists of seven members; Keita, Park Hanbin, Lee Jeonghyeon, Yoo Seungeon, Ji Yunseo, Mun Junghyun, and Park Jihoo. All members were recognized for their talents through Mnet’s music survival show Boys Planet which aired from February to April 2023.

Artists on Cover: EVNNE (@evnne_official). Photo Credit: Jellyfish Entertainment.

Since their debut on September 19th, 2023, with their first mini-album, Target: ME, the groups goal is to shine higher and brighter than anybody else and they wish to have all eyes on them. With their new release RIDE or DIE, EVNNE aims to emphasize the trust and loyalty they will show to their fans, ENNVE. Through their music, they continue to work harder to improve their skills and build a bigger global audience.

“We’ve practiced English a lot, and you can check out the result by listening to the English ver. of our title track ‘Badder Love’!” – Yoo Seungeon, member of EVNNE (Source: Helix Publicity).

RIDE or DIE consists of six tracks; “Badder Love”, “I <3 U (I love U)”, “XO”, “2배속 (2X)”, “Boom Bari” and “Badder Love – English Version”. “Badder Love” is the first official English song for the group and it’s a song that expresses their “reckless passion as they fearlessly try to reach their fans with their love as well as continue to chase after their dreams together.” (Source: Helix Publicity).

“We worked hard to prepare the RIDE or DIE album, so please listen to all the tracks and support us!” – Lee Jeonghyeon, member of EVNNE (Source: Helix Publicity).

“Badder Love” is a catchy, up-beat title track song with an accompanying music video. The music video and song have a very youthful feel to it. This is definitely one of EVNNE’s most melodic and pop sounding song, but we think it’s the perfect vibe for summer right now. This definitely was one of our favourite songs.

“ I <3 U (I love U)” is another up-beat song, but has more of a dance/hip-hop infused type of beat. The pre-chorus is so beautiful and the most catchiest part of the song in our opinion. We really loved the warm and falsetto voices of Park Jihoo, Lee Jeonghyeon and Yoo Seungeon’s vocals really shine. 

“XO” is another summery song and it almost has a hip-hop and early 2000’s feel to it. It’s so catchy and the layering of vocals – especially during the chorus are beautiful. This is a song that Keita, the leader of EVNNE was actively involved in. He took part in writing the lyrics for this song.

“2배속 (2X)” is another song that Keita was involved in for the writing. This is the slower song on the EP and another one of our favourites. It’s a song that fits in the indie-R&B genre, but with a twist as in verse 2, the style that Keita and Jihoo sing in has a rap tone to it. This song reminds us of the genre of music that wave to earth creates so, we think this song will slowly become super popular.

“Boom Bari” is a very summery song and we think the use of the marimba style notes makes us think of being at a beach. The parts where they sing “Boom Bari” in the chorus is very catchy.

Overall, we love the RIDE or DIE EP. It’s definitely a no-skip EP and we love the summery-pop feel to it. Prior to this EP, we had not heard of EVNNE, but now we will definitely follow their journey as they are so talented.

Special thanks to Helix Publicity for providing us with a press release and Jellyfish Entertainment for the photographs.

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