melatonin boy on the cover of IF YOU LIKE KESHI PT. 2
Artist on Cover: melatonin boy

Last time I did one of these “if you like keshi” articles, it did really well so I am back with a part 2. In this article, I will share 6 amazingly talented artists that make R&B music that has that chill, romantic/sweet vibe to it. I am a fan of all these artists and they definitely need more recognition, so I hope you find yourself loving them as well.

Let’s get started…

melatonin boy on the cover of IF YOU LIKE KESHI PT. 2

melatonin boy is a Chinese-Canadian singer from Toronto, Canada. He is currently affiliated with EXPOSITION. He used to make music under a different stage name but made his debut as melatonin boy in December 2020 with the release of “roses” – in collaboration with Diggy and Soe. Throughout 2021 and 2022 he released a lot of amazing singles. His most popular song of 825K streams is “running down” which is a collaboration with juyhe, a Korean-American singer. I first listened to melatonin boy because of the song “dirty af1s” – which is in my top 3 of his songs.

So far for 2023, he released the single “want more” on January 20th. Additionally, on February 22nd he performed for the first time as an opening act for RUSSELL! in Toronto at The Axis Club. His latest single “we know it’s not, babe” was released on March 3rd and this is THE song. I have had it on repeat way too much because it’s seriously amazing. Really looking forward to what other songs melatonin boy releases in the future.

Listen to “we know it’s not, babe” by melatonin boy on Spotify:

Check out melatonin boy on Instagram: @melatoninboy

Doctor Yizzle on the cover of IF YOU LIKE KESHI PT. 2

Doctor Yizzle is a Korean-American singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, United States. He released his first single to streaming platforms in May 2020 with the single “Fall Apart”. Doctor Yizzle’s early music is more hip-hop but there are a lot of songs that fall under the R&B category which is why I included him in this article. On March 12, 2021 he released his first album Colors of Deception.

I first discovered him in the summer of 2022 because of his single “comfort.” which was released in February 2022. This song is very R&B and still my favourite song of his. He released a lot of singles throughout 2022 and each one has a different vibe. His latest single “solo” was released on March 3rd of this year and it’s another hip hop style song but the production does have a few R&B elements of it.

Listen to “comfort.” by Doctor Yizzle on Spotify:

Check out Doctor Yizzle on Instagram: @doctoryizzle

Mo. on the cover of IF YOU LIKE KESHI PT. 2

Mo. is an independent R&B/alt-pop singer from South Africa who is affiliated with EXPOSITION. He made his debut to digital streaming platforms in November 2021 with the release of his single “Kiss & Tell”. On September 22, 2022, he released the single “pictures of u” with Vietnamese-Australian singer myno. “pictures of u” is my personal favourite from the songs that Mo. has released so far.

So far in 2023, Mo. released the single “Tell Me” on January 20th which is in collaboration with Young Dumbs. Additionally, his latest single is titled “SINNER” and it’s a collaboration with kuiper and cinna. Mo. currently has around 400 monthly listeners so, I am really excited to support him and watch him grow as he releases more music.

Listen to “pictures of u” by myno & Mo. on Spotify:

Check out Mo. on Instagram: @mo.skrrt_

georgee on the cover of IF YOU LIKE KESHI PT. 2

georgee is a Greek-American singer-songwriter raised in Boston, United States. His musical style is super unique as he blends different genres. As well, his lyrics are always so amazing. He released his first single “baby4u” on July 27, 2021. In February 2022, he released the single “split” which is currently his most popular song of over 1.8 million streams. This is the song that I discovered him with and it’s definitely my favourite one. I also love his album cover art style for each song.

Following the release of “split”, he released the singles “hunny” in May and “tell me” in June. In June 2022, georgee actually opened for keshi in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Ana and San Diego for keshi’s Hell/Heaven world tour. I actually had no idea about this until I started writing this article, so that is super cool! His latest single and his second most streamed song is “sad” which was released on September 28, 2022. Hopefully in 2023, we get more music and maybe even an EP or album.

Listen to “split” by georgee on Spotify:

Check out georgee on Instagram: @georgeedays

FELIPE4U on the cover of IF YOU LIKE KESHI PT. 2

FELIPE4U is a 21 year old Hispanic-Canadian artist from Mississauga, Canada. He released his first single “FACETIME” in August 2021 and started seriously making music in 2022. Felipe has a really unique style as he blends his Latin roots with pop, R&B and soon Latin rhythm. I spoke to Felipe recently and his whole message/purpose of making music is so sweet and I had to share his words with you all. He says with his music he “hopes to teach people how to embrace themselves and see this beautiful life he sees that all of us can live. Through cute fun heartfelt songs about love, internal conflict, and moments we all pass through. FELIPE4U aims to live up to the name and be 4U a friend, your favourite artist, or whatever he can do to help you.”

From Felipe’s first single “FACETIME” in 2021 to his music in 2022, he changed his style and grew a lot musically. My favourite song of his from 2022 is “LIKE A FOOL” which is a collaboration with kasper. This is the song that I discovered Felipe by because I came across kasper’s Spotify profile last year. In 2023, Felipe released his single “A.I.N” on January 21st and he recently released “ALRIGHT” on February 28. “ALRIGHT” is my current favourite song of his and I know he’s going to drop some amazing songs this year since he is always working so hard and posting little demos.

Listen to “ALRIGHT” by FELIPE4U on Spotify:

Check out FELIPE4U on Instagram: @felipe4umusic

sunkis is a Taiwanese-American singer-songwriter from San Francisco, USA. He is a Mando-English pop singer who blends elements of R&B and different genres. He made his debut in October 2019 with his single “I Could” followed by “LMG”. sunkis started gaining a lot of attention after February 2021 when he collaborated with ØZI on the song “JUST DO YOU”. After this collaboration, he signed to Forbidden Paradise, which is an independent label based in Taiwan. On April 29, 2021, he released “trust me” – his first single with his new record deal. “trust me” is currently his most popular song of over 5.8 million streams.

I discovered sunkis in February of this year after he released his single “4ever”. I absolutely love this song and immediately followed him on Spotify and listened to his other songs. He currently has around 200K monthly listeners which is quite a bit but he definitely deserves even more. On March 3rd, he released his single “Always Do” which is a sweet R&B song.

Listen to “4ever” by sunkis on Spotify:

Check out sunkis on Instagram: @sunk7s

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