Lupo on the cover of IF YOU LIKE LAUV
Artist on Cover: Lupo

Lauv is a pop singer, songwriter, musician and producer from America famous for songs such as; “I Like Me Better” and “i’m so tired…” with Troye Sivan. Personally, Lauv is one of my favourite singers and I really look up to him. Since I love his music, I am always on the lookout for smaller artists that have a similar vibe/style to him.

In this article, I have 6 artists to share that create music in the pop genre and have a similar sound to Lauv. So, if you like Lauv, definitely give these artists a listen.

You can find a Spotify playlist with my favourite song by each artist at the bottom of this article!

Lupo on the cover of IF YOU LIKE LAUV

Lupo is a singer that debuted in March 2022 with his single “Melted”. He currently has 23.7K monthly listeners. Lupo’s latest release from January 4th is titled “Can I Tell You I Like You?” and is currently featured in Spotify’s “indie pop & chill” playlist. There isn’t much information online about Lupo, but hopefully this article gives him more exposure and I’m excited to see how he grows musically.

Listen to “Can I Tell You I Like You?” by Lupo on Spotify:

Check out Lupo on Instagram: @imnotlupo

Titus Bank on the cover of IF YOU LIKE LAUV

TITUS BANK is a pop singer based in Vancouver, Canada. He seems to be signed to The Feldman Agency. He started releasing music in May 2019 with the release of his double single album Mistakes / Could Have Done Better. He released no music in 2020 and came back in May 2021 with the release of “I Do Yeah”. On July 8, 2022, TITUS released his first album titled Hopeless & Romantic. The album consists of 8 songs and includes his most popular song “Bad Loving” – which has 280K streams. This is TITUS’ latest release, but hopefully in 2023 we get some new music.

Listen to “Bad Loving” by TITUS BANK on Spotify:

Check out TITUS BANK on Instagram: @titusbank

Adam Jazzlan is a Singaporean singer-songwriter. He released his first single “Don’t Cry Yourself To Sleep” on January 7, 2017. He didn’t post any music from 2018-2021 and came back in September 2022 with the release of “more than life”. This song is in collaboration with Jjdroy and KevinWithAY. I actually discovered Adam around January through his TikTok where he was teasing his single “Can’t Wait” and said “if you like Lauv, listen to this”. After seeing his TikTok, he actually was the inspiration behind this blog. Adam’s latest single is from February and it’s an unplugged version of “more than life”. Hopefully in 2023, we get some more music and maybe even an EP/album.

Listen to “Can’t Wait” by Adam Jazzlan on Spotify:

Check out Adam Jazzlan on Instagram: @ajazzlan

andreas owens on the cover of IF YOU LIKE LAUV

andreas owens is a singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles, USA. He released his first single “don’t feel happy” on January 25, 2021. Followed by two more singles; “falling & falling” and “not much (better than before)”. On July 14, 2021, he released his debut EP almost everything i’ve ever wanted to say. His latest release is from February 2nd and it’s an album titled almost everything i’ve ever wanted to say (Deluxe).” This album consists of 9 songs including his most popular song “bad4you” which has over 750K streams.

Listen to “bad4you” by andreas owens on Spotify:

Check out andreas owens on Instagram: @andreasowens

Kenny Potter is a singer, songwriter and producer based in Pittsburgh, USA. He released his first song “Outta My Head” in September 2020. This song is in collaboration with Llunr. Throughout 2020, Kenny released a few singles and two in 2021. On January 28, 2022, he released the single “we didn’t last” which is his most popular song of 48K streams. Kenny’s latest single from October 2022 is titled “Lake Geneva” and it’s dedicated to the memories created and time spent growing up in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin when he was 2-11 years old.

Listen to “Lake Geneva” by Kenny Potter on Spotify:

Check out Kenny Potter on Instagram: @kennypottermusic

CODY JON on the cover of IF YOU LIKE LAUV

CODY JON is a singer-songwriter and producer from Australia. He released his first single “poison” to digital streaming platforms in October 2019 followed by “what’s up” in November. On July 14, 2022, CODY released his single “dirty dancing” which is a collaboration with Charley. This is his most popular song of over 1.6 million streams. Although CODY JON grew up in the 2010s, he was raised with music from the 80s-00s and because of this, he draws a lot of inspiration from these aesthetics and incorporates it into his style of music (Source: Spotify Profile). His latest release is his EP untied shoes which released on February 13. This EP consists of 7 songs and includes “dirty dancing” and “Becky’s Plan” – which has over 1.3 million streams.

Listen to “dirty dancing” by CODY JON on Spotify:

Check out CODY JON on Instagram: @codyjon

You can find all 6 songs mentioned in this article on our Spotify playlist below:

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