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Introducing Jared Yi, a 17 year old Singaporean singer, songwriter, producer and DJ based in Brisbane, Australia. Collaborating with Australian artist kasper, Jared Yi made his debut on September 30th, 2022 with the beautiful track “THICK AND THIN“.

Today at midnight, Jared Yi released his second single “DONE”. In an exclusive interview that marks Jared’s very first, Behind The Beat had the privilege to delve into his musical journey, the inspiration behind his new single “Done,” and his plans for the future.


Can you introduce yourself? What do you do?

Jared Yi: Hello, my name is Jared, and I’m a 17-year-old high school student based in Brisbane, Australia. I have a diverse background with Singaporean heritage, which has greatly influenced my perspective on music and life. Alongside my studies, I wear several hats within the music industry. As a producer, songwriter, and DJ, I love to explore different sounds and experiment with various genres. I find joy in creating unique tracks that resonate with listeners on an emotional level. Music has been a way for me to express myself and connect with others, bridging cultural gaps and bringing people together.

How did your musical journey begin?

Jared Yi: My musical journey started at a young age. Growing up in South Australia, I’ve been fortunate to develop my classical skills on a variety of instruments, including drums, piano, and percussion. I recently took a significant step by joining the state youth orchestra as a percussionist. However, I had the urge to create as I would always be called out for improvising. I took music production onboard seriously back when I was 14 and started building social presence with people already in the industry. I then released my first collab with Kasper, and I’m looking forward to what the future has to hold.


Congratulations on your second release as an artist! What inspired you to write “DONE” and can you talk about the meaning behind it?

Jared Yi: Thank you so much! “DONE” holds a special place for me as it’s a song that draws from personal experiences and emotions. The inspiration behind “DONE” stems from the journey of processing past feelings and relationships that have left a mark on me. It’s a reflection on the pain and confusion that can arise when someone we deeply cared for chooses to leave. The song is essentially an exploration of those lingering questions, the “whys,” and the attempt to make sense of the emotions that come with heartbreak. In essence, “DONE” delves into the universal theme of heartbreak and the introspection that accompanies it. While the song is drawn from my own experiences, I believe its relatability lies in the fact that so many of us have felt that same sense of loss, confusion, and the desire to understand the reasons behind a breakup. “DONE” aims to capture those feelings and resonate with listeners who have gone through similar situations, providing a sense of connection and understanding in the midst of emotional turmoil.

What was the production and writing process like for this song?

Jared Yi: The production and writing process for this song was an organic and inspired experience. It all began when I returned from a holiday overseas, and that’s when the big deal happened which resulted in the creative spark initiating. I then explored a collection of chords that resonated with me, and from there, the emotions flowed naturally, allowing the lyrics to take shape effortlessly. When it comes to the production aspect, that’s where the real magic happened for me. It’s my favorite part of the process. I thoroughly enjoyed delving into the realm of sounds, experimenting with different textures, and drawing inspiration from prominent R&B artists like Tone Stith, The Weeknd, and others who have mastered the art of creating captivating musical atmospheres. Overall, the song’s journey from inception to completion was a combination of heartfelt lyricism intertwined with a captivating production process. The personal touch from my overseas experience and the influences of esteemed R&B artists played a pivotal role in shaping the final product, resulting in a song that I’m truly proud of.

Can you describe this song using a colour and why you chose that colour?

Jared Yi: Tough choice, but I would go with Midnight blue. I chose this color because it reflects the emotional complexity and intensity that are often associated with the emotions when someone breaks your heart.

Which emotions or feelings are you hoping to touch from your listeners?

Jared Yi: I won’t portray a certain emotion I want people to feel, being an underground artist, and not a lot of people know who I am, this is a great way for people to vent their feelings.


You debuted in September 2022, how did you find your sound?

Jared Yi: Honestly, I’m still on this super exciting journey of discovering my sound. It’s been pretty wild because I quickly realised that my voice has this unique texture that doesn’t quite match up with other artists’ vocal tones. But I’m embracing it and just having a blast experimenting with different styles and vibes. It’s all about finding that perfect groove that feels like me. So yeah, still a work in progress, but I’m loving every minute of it.


Is there a genre or sound you want to experiment with in the future?

Jared Yi: I would wanna explore the r&b hiphop scene.

Your debut song “THICK AND THIN” was in collaboration with fellow Australian singer kasper, who would you like to collaborate with next?

Jared Yi: I’m actually in the process of collaborating with a very talented artist but I can’t give anything away yet.

Without giving away too many details, what can the listeners expect from you for the rest of the year?

Jared Yi: Expect the unexpected.

What do you hope for the future regarding your music career?

Jared Yi: I don’t have a certain goal or aspiration, but just enjoying the process and living life to the fullest. All my trust is in Christ.

“DONE” by Jared Yi is now available on all digital streaming platforms so, make sure to listen here. Special thanks to Jared Yi for taking the time to do this interview with us.

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