Today at midnight EST, Ohio native and Los Angeles based singer, songwriter and producer Jonathan Pfarr, also known by his artist name jfarr, released the single “BY A THREAD”. This song is the first single after the release of his EP Wonderful! which came out on May 19th.

“BY A THREAD” is the first pre-release track for jfarr’s upcoming project NOT TOO FAST. This song is a blend of reggae, hyper-pop and jfarr’s regular indie-pop sound, making this song the perfect summer song.

When asked about the meaning behind “BY A THREAD”, jfarr says, “’BY A THREAD’ takes you on a journey through the realization of what really was and what wasn’t in a relationship.”

jfarr: “BY A THREAD” was actually one of the last demos I made for this next project. And originally it wasn’t going to go anywhere because it started as this sort of Bad Bunny type beat, I was just searching for inspiration and apparently stumbled upon it. I definitely think it’s one of the strongest songs I have made to date, it just really showcases a lot of what I am capable of as a lone producer.

jfarr: In addition, this whole new era of music is really special to me for a few different reasons. First and foremost, I handled all the production and writing myself, which is what I used to do back in the day when I was sitting in my bedroom for 16 hours a day in Ohio. I wanted this project to be a testament of the vibes and energy I want to curate with my music, so it’s more of a mixtape than anything. But also, I have shifted my perspective on how I portray myself, and how I release music. I want to be a healthy creative again, I want to release music that makes me feel whole and like I’m serving my best interest. So with NOT TOO FAST, I made a promise to myself that I would dial back into what makes me feel comfortable and confident. Less press, photoshoots and content overall. Being more intentional with what I do and what I say is very important to me right now. Life is way too saturated as it is, I just want to add to the noise if I feel like it’s healthy for me. I guess this is my selfish era, where I tend to what actually fuels me as an individual, rather than playing a game.

The single was written and produced by jfarr and the trumpets were by Sammy Haig. The song was mixed by Seth Munson.

“BY A THREAD” is now available to stream on all digital streaming platforms so, make sure to check out the song here.

Listen to “BY A THREAD” by jfarr on Spotify:

Check out jfarr on Instagram: @itjfarr

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