Artist on Cover: Jungkook. Image Source: BTS Official Twitter.

Today at midnight EST, Jungkook of BTS released his first official solo single titled “Seven”. Previously, Jungkook has released solo songs before, but they were a collaboration “Left & Right” with Charlie Puth and the World Cup song “Dreamers”. “Seven” is Jungkook’s first official song for himself and for his solo career. BTS have been on a hiatus since mid 2022 to complete mandatory military service in South Korea. Before each member enlists, they have completed various solo projects to further their career. Jungkook is the second last member to release his solo music and we believe that “Seven” is just the beginning for his solo projects.

The single “Seven” is an R&B style track produced by Grammy Award winning producer Andrew Watt. The song has a very beautiful beat and it’s a very sensual and sexy song, which is the vibe that Jungkook seems to be going for based on the lyricism of the song, as well as the concept pictures for the song. On digital streaming platforms, there is an explicit version of this song and a clean version which was the version that played during the music video.

“Seven” also has an accompanying music video which is kind of like a short film with Jungkook as the male actor and Han So Hee as the female actress. The music video is super fun and we think that Jungkook’s acting was great, especially during the moments with Han So Hee. In just a little over 11 hours, the music video already has over 21 million views on YouTube. Additionally, the song is also charting at number 1 on MELON Top 100.

“Seven” is a song that is featuring American rapper, Latto. In our honest opinion, we didn’t really love the feature as we think it takes away from the R&B style and the beautiful, sensual piece that Jungkook has created. However, the rap does hit and we think Latto was an interesting feature.

Overall, “Seven” was a really amazing first solo song for Jungkook as it really captured his musical style as a soloist and it was different to hear him sing an R&B song as opposed to the normal K-pop infused with hip-hop sound that BTS has.

We cannot wait to see what else Jungkook will release in the future in regards to his solo career.

Listen to “Seven” by Jungkook (featuring. Latto) on Spotify:

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