Artist on Cover: LIMELIGHT. Source Credit: LIMELIGHT’s KProfile.

LIMELIGHT is a 3 member South Korean girl group signed to 143 Entertainment. The group consists of; MiU (20 years old), Suhye (18 years old) and Gaeun (17 years old). LIMELIGHT is intended to be a group with unlimited members.

On September 29, 2022, LIMELIGHT released their first pre-debut mini album titled LIMELIGHT. The EP has 4 songs; “StarLight”, “Eye To Eye”, “Paradise” and “Cha Cha”. Their title song “StarLight” has over 500K streams on Spotify.

On February 14, 2023, LIMELIGHT released the music video for their title track “Honestly”. This was released three days before the actual EP release. After three days, the music video has over 155K views.

Today, on February 17, their official debut EP titled Love & Happiness was released. The EP consists of 3 songs; “Honestly”, “Blanc Noir” and “Crystal”. As well, the EP has instrumental and acapella versions for each song.

It is no surprise that 4th generation girl groups are dominating the charts and rising to success. I definitely think LIMELIGHT is headed in that direction as well. Additionally, if you are fans of NewJeans or LE SSERAFIM, definitely give LIMELIGHT a listen.

In this article, I will be reviewing and breaking down all 3 songs on the album Love & Happiness so let’s get started.

Honestly” is the first song on the EP and it’s definitely my favourite one. It has a very Western pop feel to it due to the production style, especially in the chorus with the synthesizer hook, it reminds me of the production style of Lauv or Troye Sivan. I love how the song starts off slow and slowly builds. The girls voices all blend so nicely together and they have really strong vocals.

In terms of the music video, I love how Y2K and colourful the set is! The music video definitely feels like a coming of age movie and it sets the demographic for LIMELIGHT’s kind of music. However, this song can be enjoyable to all ages.

Listen to “Honestly” by LIMELIGHT on Spotify:

Blanc Noir” is another pop song but it has a different vibe to it. It definitely starts off more upbeat and stays consistent throughout the song. Listening to this reminds me of the style of Red Velvet, so it has a very 3rd generation feel to it. The second verse is definitely my favourite part because of the almost half-time, slowed down beat. There is no music video for this song but I just know the choreography for this song would go hard.

Listen to “Blanc Noir” by LIMELIGHT on Spotify:

Crystal” is the last song in the EP and it kind of has a summer feel to it. It definitely is a song that would be featured in a high school web Korena drama. It actually almost reminds me of the same vibes of “A-TEEN” by Seventeen. The production of this song is really fun, and I love the rising effects and then silence before the chorus comes in. There is also a subtle piano type scale sound effect in the song and I absolutely love it.

Listen to “Crystal” by LIMELIGHT on Spotify:

Overall, this album is really fun and I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I expected. I am really looking forward to seeing how LIMELIGHT grows and what kind of other music they release.

Hope you enjoy the EP and find yourself supporting LIMELIGHT!

Listen to the full Love & Happiness album on Spotify:

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