Mifye releases debut EP END CREDITS
Artist on Cover: Mifye (@mifye_)

Today at midnight EST, Chicago based artist Mifye released his debut EP END CREDITS. Prior to the release of this EP, he released his pre-release track “MOVEMENT 1 – in loving memory” on June 5th. The EP consists of 3 songs; “MOVEMENT 1 – in loving memory”, “MOVEMENT 2 – optimist” and “MOVEMENT 3 – you say you’re ready to go, but are you?”.

END CREDITS in total is 8 and a half minutes and is meant to be listened all the way through to tell Mifye’s story. The story being that each movement represents his mental space during the time when he was recovering from losing a close relationship. Mifye says, “What initally started as the finale to my previously planned EP Optimistic Albatross, grew into this 8 and a half minute statement of a piece that I had no choice but to release on it’s own…END CREDITS had a sound that I only recently developed as an artist, and releasing my previous work alongside it would distract too much from it”.

Mifye "MOVEMENT 1 - in loving memory"

While moving on from the end of a close relationship, Mifye’s good friend Phil Coady, also known as bloominous sent him a demo where he flipped Mifye’s song “guest st★r” and added a darker, distorted tone. From there, they worked together to further produce and write and eventually releasing “MOVEMENT 1 – in loving memory”.

Mifye says, “it’s pretty important that “in loving memory” doesn’t have any real structure (verse/bridge/chorus) because at this point in time it was difficult to navigate my headspace and I wanted the beginning of my EP to reflect that. I tried putting lyrics to the first half of the song, but everything I wrote didn’t feel genuine as I realized I didn’t really want to process a lot of my emotion at the time.”

I love the instrumentation of this song and distorted vocals. It kind of reminds me of Glass Animal’s album Dreamland – which is one of my favourite albums of 2020.

Mifye "MOVEMENT 2 - optimist"

“MOVEMENT 2 – optimist” is essentially the root of the EP. Originally, the song was planned as the finale for his previously planned EP Optimistic Albatross. He scrapped the original song and started writing a new version while drawing inspiration from electronic influences like EDEN. When he finished this new version, the song was 6 minutes long, which he split into what is now “MOVEMENT 2 – optimist” and “MOVEMENT 3 – you say you’re ready to go, but are you?”.

“MOVEMENT 2 – optimist” is a song reflecting on the relationship he had. Mifye says, “I was being optimistic about what I could provide in the relationship, hoping I could be more than what I was, and although it was clear that things likely wouldn’t work in the long run, they kept themselves busy to distract themselves from the reality of the situation.”

This is personally my favourite song on the EP!

“MOVEMENT 3 – you say you’re ready to go, but are you?” is a song that utilizes sounds that are comforting to Mifye. He describes this song as, “finally reaching a mental sanctuary after self reflection and healing, resolving the emotional turmoil I used to be in, but part of me still questions whether I’m truly recovered.” This song is definitely a calming, but emotional song. I absolutely love the instrumentations and layering of different sounds.

Mifye says, “I tend to intellectualize my emotions, which makes it hard to determine whether I’ve truley gotten over something, or convinced myself it’s insignificant enough now to ignore, which can be problematic. I build upon the first part of Movement 3 with this in mind, creating a slowly overwhelming soundscape repeating the same question over and over again. As the song progresses to its second section, I acknowledge the small hint of doubt that I had avoided.”

END CREDITS is a really well thought of EP that Mifye has been working on for so long! We really hope you enjoyed this blog and hopefully you enjoy his EP as well!

Special Note from Mifye: “I would also like to give a thousand thanks to Phil and Ryan. Phil has helped me realize these projects to their full potential where I lacked the experience to do so, which I cannot overstate the importance of. Ryan, on the other hand, was with me every step of the way during the final stage of this EP, giving insight and feedback when I needed it most. Much love for both of my dear friends.”

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