No Guidnce on the cover of R&B ARTISTS YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE
Artist on Cover: No Guidnce (@noguidnceofficial)

R&B is one of our absolute favourite genres whether it be Western R&B, Asian R&B, etc. We are always on the look for emerging and rising R&B artists and in this article we have 6 artists to share with you. All artists range from below 100K monthly listeners on Spotify to over 1 million, but you might not know these artists so hopefully you gain a new artist to add to your playlist!

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No Guidnce on the cover of R&B ARTISTS YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE

No Guidnce is a British R&B group from all over London, UK. The band consists of 19 year olds Kaci Brookz and Zeekay, 20 year old Ebubé and 22 year old Josh Lomat. In 2020, both Kaci and Zeekay auditioned and participated in Little Mix’s BBC show The Search. It is said that Kaci and Zeekay found Josh on Instagram and Ebubé through TikTok and that is how they formed their band (source: NME).

The group started posting TikToks around 2021, but started going viral in 2023. We discovered them on TikTok shortly after the release of their debut single “Committed” which released on March 15th, 2023. This is their second most popular song with over 1.5 million streams. Followed by the release of “Committed”, they released the single “Lie To Me” on March 16th.

Both of those songs were pre-release tracks for their debut EP Is It A Crime? EP which released on June 2nd. Our favourite song and their most popular song is “Is It A Crime?” which has over 3.1 million streams. With their TikTok popularity, No Guidnce is growing super fast in terms of monthly listeners – they are currently at 759K. We cannot wait to watch them grow and hopefully we get some more music in the near future.

Listen to “Is It A Crime?” by No Guidnce on Spotify:

Check out No Guidnce on Instagram: @noguidnceofficial

Mỹ Anh on the cover of R&B ARTISTS YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE

Mỹ Anh is a Vietnamese R&B-Soul singer, songwriter and producer born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam. She debuted on May 4th, 2020 with her debut single “Got You” which has over 1.2 million streams. She started gaining attention in 2021 after participating in a music competition show called The Heroes MV Show. She also won a “runner-up” award on this show. In July 2021, she released the single “Real Love (The Heroes Version)” which was a collaboration with Khắc Hưng. This single is her most popular song with over 6.5 million streams on Spotify.

In November 2021, Mỹ Anh had the honour of performingt at 88Rising’s Head In The Cloud festival in Los Angeles. She was the first act on the Sunday to perform. Since then, Mỹ Anh has gained over 86K monthly listeners and recently came out with a song titled “Mỗi Khi Anh Nhìn Em” for A COLORS SHOW (COLORSxSTUDIOS).

Additionally, Mỹ Anh recently was a guest on CHARTIN PODCAST’s show “MICS OFF” where they discussed everything from her debut to performing at Head In The Clouds. CHARTIN PODCAST is how we discovered Mỹ Anh so of course we have to shout them out!

Listen to “Got You” by Mỹ Anh on Spotify:

Check out Mỹ Anh on Instagram: @myanhtruongg

teo glacier on the cover of R&B ARTISTS YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE

teo glacier is a 17 year old independent R&B singer-songwriter from South Auckland, New Zealand. He debuted on July 2nd, 2022 with the single “it’s over”. He released a few singles in 2022, but started gaining attention this year after the release of his single “too much” on March 2nd.

We believe that teo gained attention from TikTok, but we are still unsure as there isn’t too much information about him. However, we discovered teo’s music through Roc Lee of CLUB BOYBND’s “for the club” Spotify playlist and since then, we have loved teo and followed him. “too much” is one of his popular songs with over 2.9 million streams on the original version and over 1.6 million streams on the sped up version.

teo’s most popular song with over 7.6 million streams on the original is “close with desires (right person wrong timing)”. This song was released on May 17th of this year and is his latest release.

Listen to “too much” by teo glacier on Spotify:

Check out teo glacier on Instagram: @teoglacier

11:11 on the cover of R&B ARTISTS YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE

11:11 is a singer-songwriter and producer from Toronto, Canada. He debuted on May 24th, 2016 with his debut album 11:11. 11:11 is an 8 track album and includes his most popular songs “You” which has over 32.1 million streams.

On June 13th, 2017, he released the single “Good Love” which is his second most popular song with over 18.9 million streams. This single was the pre-release track for his EP MOOD which was released 2 years later in September 2019.

On August 28th, 2020, he released the single “Banger” which is his third most popular song with a little over 4 million streams. This was the pre-release track for his 14 song album The Night Before The Morning After which was released on September 3rd, 2021.

For 2023, 11:11’s latest release “Know Ya” is from February 22nd. It is a collaboration with Da Deputy and Tawaine Hall.

Listen to “You” by 11:11 on Spotify:

Check out 11:11 on Instagram: @1111

Hong Kong Boyfriend on the cover of R&B ARTISTS YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE

Hong Kong Boyfriend is an alternative R&B artist born in Japan and raised in San Francisco. He released his first song “Cold Waters” on August 26th, 2020. This song is one of his most popular songs with over 3.2 million streams.

On April 7th, 2021, he released the single “Sharlene” which is his most popular song with over 4.1 million streams.

Sadly, Hong Kong Boyfriend has not released any new songs since his last song “Good At Being Lonely” in June 2021. Nonetheless, his music still needs to be heard and hopefully, he will make a comeback soon.

Listen to “Cold Waters” by Hong Kong Boyfriend on Spotify:

Check out Hong Kong Boyfriend on Instagram: @hongkongboyfriend


R3SH is a South Asian singer-songwriter born and raised in Sydney, Australia. He debuted on January 2nd, 2021 with his single “Wasted Time”. Throughout 2021, he released over 10 songs. In August 2021, he released a double single EP Patience / Fade Away (Acoustic).Patience” is his most popular song with over 475K streams, followed by “Fade Away” which has 355K+ streams.

R3SH currently has around 48.2K monthly listeners. On April 7th of this year, he released THE END which consists of 2 singles; “THE END” – which is our favourite song by R3SH and “I CAN’T”. Followed by those two singles, he released “I.R.B.A” on May 12th.

Listen to “THE END” by R3SH on Spotify:

Check out R3SH on Instagram: @r3shh__


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