Artist on Cover: Roc Lee. (@_roclee). Photography by: Justin Shin (@justnshn)

Meet Roc Lee, a Korean-Canadian singer and songwriter who is part of the duo CLUB BOYBND, renowned for their chart-topping single “kiss me thru the phone”. Since the success of their debut track, CLUB BOYBND has followed up with two more releases – “like this” and “confessions”.

At midnight, CLUB BOYBND unveiled their fourth single, “hmu”. This song, written and sung by member Roc Lee, showcases his unique style and musical talent. Behind The Beat had the opportunity to sit down with Roc Lee to discuss the inspiration behind the new song, his musical journey, and the exciting future ahead for Roc Lee and CLUB BOYBND.


You just released your single “hmu”, what inspired you to write this song and can you talk about the meaning behind it?

Roc Lee: The feelings you have of being intrigued and attracted to someone, I wanted to write an honest message of those emotions. I made the song sound as if I’m having a conversation with that special person, and all the lyrics are phrases and sentences that I would normally say in those types of situations.

What was the production and writing process like for this song?

Roc Lee: I originally compiled together a guitar sample and a drum loop demo, and wrote the whole song on top of those two instruments. I tried to find melodies and phrases that felt natural on the beat while writing. Phrases like “hit me up”, “you and I” came out off the top of my head, and I just built around those ideas. After that I sent it over to Ditch David, the producer, letting him boost the production on it; reworking the instruments and adding more sounds that amplified the production quality.

Can you describe this song using a colour and why you chose that colour?

Roc Lee: Blue or Brown. The song may seem simple and straight to the point at first, but there’s also a deep layer of depth hidden within it. I personally feel those colours represent that well.

Which emotions or feelings are you hoping to touch from your listeners?

Roc Lee: I want the listeners to feel as if I’m having a conversation with them. I don’t like to force ideas on individuals, and my writing style has always been as if I’m writing a letter or a message to someone. Being honest and true to the emotions that I want to express. How the listeners react and feel about those expressions, it is completely up to them.


Obviously, you have experimented quite a bit with different sounds starting with your SoundCloud and other solo music being more hip-hop/rap leaning to UPTOWN BOYBAND where you made alternative music to now with CLUB BOYBND where you create Korean R&B style music. How did you find your sound?

Roc Lee: I think the big work of finding my sound was the process of building my identity. Accepting who I am as an individual, and listening to what feels the most natural and true to my character. I notice I’ve tapped into my Korean roots a lot more in the recent year in terms of songwriting, and I think it’s no different from the process of someone just maturing and figuring out what they are comfortable as a person. I like the idea of making things sound honest and natural, while not doing too much. I generally don’t like things that I think are forced, and I try to always think of a good balance of simplicity and complexity.


And speaking of your sound, in the years to come, do you think your sound will change again? If so, what kind of genre would you want to experiment with?

Roc Lee: Yea, just like how any individual can change and grow with time, I think my sound will be constantly evolving and changing alongside me. There aren’t any specific genres I would point out, but I’m intrigued in experimenting with a wider range of instruments I haven’t used before. Maybe even violins, who knows. Not to mention wanting to try out different vocal styles you’d usually find in other genres outside of r&b and pop.

What do you hope for the future regarding your music career?

Roc Lee: I hope I can continue to inspire and help other individuals out there with my music. Personally, my music has always been something I consider bigger than myself, and my motto has always been to just focus on what I can offer to the world. Being a role model for individuals, and also being a source of healing for some individuals, those are all the things I hope to continue doing on this journey.

“hmu” is now available on all digital streaming platforms so, make sure to listen here. Special thanks to Roc Lee for taking the time to do this interview with us. As well, thank you to CLUB BOYBND and their manager Andrew.

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